Air Filter Delivery Subscription

High-quality, professional-grade filters delivered right to your door.

Air filters are so easy to forget, but so important to remember. The Indoor Wellness Air Filter Subscription makes healthier living easy. High-quality, professional-grade filters made to our exacting specifications. The right size and quantity-delivered to your door.

Choose how often your filters deliver, from every month to every six months.

Cancel anytime. Make changes anytime to fit your needs. No long-term commitment required.

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Why Clean Air Filters are Important

If you’re asking yourself, “When was the last time I changed my air filter?” And you can’t come up with an answer, that’s a sign you need to change yours.

Having clean air filters in your home’s or business’ HVAC system is important for a variety of reasons, including indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and the health of your HVAC system.

To ensure the best performance from your HVAC system, air filters should be changed at least once per month – especially during periods of heavy use.

Dirty Air Filters Cause Problems

Clogged, dirty air filters add extra stress to HVAC units, causing them to work harder, which raises your energy bills.

Also, reduced air flow due to a dirty filter can lead to a buildup of ice and eventually the system can overheat. In some cases, this overheating can cause total system failure, and even worse, a fire.

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